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BBC School Report 2013
Stop everyone! On 21st March 2013 children took over the media for the day! Children from 11-15 took schools by storm across the UK. Theale Green Community School students were among the thousands taking part, covering stories from Theale Green’s Red Nose Day Album to the Horsemeat scandal and Science week to House competitions as well as Sport and Economy.
Year 7’s created the bustle and urgency of a real news room. Emily one of the students said “it’s a great experience and I love how I get to work with different cameras, it makes me feel very independent.” The students were mentored by the Head of Media and Film Studies Mr Leyburn he said “It is great to see so many young people involved in a real life news environment and so far we’re on target to hit our deadline!” These students all had dedication and creativity to report on each story.
Excitement in the classroom grew. Motivation of the students was increased as they were starting to film. Throughout the day, students interviewed senior staff and teachers of all different subjects. Later on the Year 12 media students brought the film to life.
Head Master at Theale, Mr David Bromfield expressed “the students are creating history, which is a huge and powerful thing. News is very important for our history. It’s a great experience for the young students, however we must make sure students are able to see the other side of the media industry”
Students of Theale Green have been on a creative journalistic journey. BBC School Report is an exceptionally good way for students to be able to use their creative ideas through filming. Theale Green School Report will be published on the BBC School Report website and on the schools own website.
Reported by Amy Lafford.
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BBC School Report 2013
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